• A Project Was Born

    A Project Was Born

    This project was born from a partnership that is going on for a while between Donut Coffeeshop Studios and Marcus Luz´s Boxing School. It all began with the creation of Marcus Luz´s Cuban Quest, a Boxing Web Series filmed by Marcus himself when traveling to Cuba. Where some of the sharpest boxers in the world come from.

    This successful partnership lead us to the idea of developing a Boxe Indie Game. But not the regular type of boxing game, where you throw punches without any strategy. This game will approach how to train a boxer, issues that affect the boxer before the fight, among other things.

    Using Marcus Luz knowledge of the fighting world and his two main fighters, who happens to be brothers, Felipe Cruz and Igor Cruz, we came up with this:



    We estimate the release date to be in 2016!
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    Andre Amorim


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