• The 5th Belt

    The 5th Belt

    Felipe Cruz, one of our main Characters in the game’s plot, had recently conquered his 5th national MMA belt. In fact, he does own all the tittles of his division in Brazil. There is no where else to go there, and he is definitely on the door of a big MMA event World Wide.


    Belt Felipe Cruz started to train boxing with the master Marcus Luz more than ten yeas ago. As a fan and also a friend is really awesome to see how far have they gone. They are both an example to follow, of determination and courage to face the challenges ahead. Both in life and Game Developing. And I am sure that we’ll see this star shine even more!


    WON We are also proud the say that Cruz Brothers is a game definetly about Champions! The storytelling will be based on their relationship over those years, and the dream to conquer the highest prize in the fight world. Accompanied by Igor Cruz, Felipe’s youngest brother, another champion, but in the realm of boxing. Of course we added a little spicy seasoning to this story. A fantasy world, with plots, enemys and life lessons. Our goal is to make the Cruz Brothers experiencie an awesome one!

    Check out our honoring video for Felipe and his recent accomplishment.

    Andre Amorim


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